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Leading weight loss surgeon Mr Siva Gounder has facilitated change. He’s saved lives.

What he knows is ‘fear is inevitable, success is optional’. And the difference? Inspiration and faith to change the course of your health and life.

Mr Gounder is giving momentum to a movement: a platform for real people to tell their story and be inspired by one another, alleviating the fear holding people back from their pathway to health, happiness and life.


Anna lost 48 kg

after Gastric Bypass Surgery

My story Started way back in 2007. I was 28 years old, I’d had my 2 children by then and my weight and size was growing by around a 1-2 kgs a year since the birth of those children. I had always been a size 14 around 80kg and I was ok with that but by 2007 I was pushing 100kgs and size 16-18. My mother had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and a heart condition, and had always been “overweight” I was seeing my own future if I couldn’t shift the weight and I’d tried gyms, a....Read More

Lee lost 60 kg

after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I had surgery 31/11/21 This surgery saved my life, I started off at 126kgs and have stage 2 kidney disease so needed help to lose weight so not as much pressure on my organs. I am now a healthy 65kgs. This surgery is a tool and a life changing process but 1 million percent worth it.....Read More

Melissa lost 30 kg

after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

“There are people out there worse off” I think sometimes we say that to make ourself not so sad. So we don’t fall into a big black hole. I know I’ve thought it plenty of times. My house burnt down in a catastrophic bushfire in WA in Feb ‘22(86 homes lost) It was the first day of a Covid lockdown and that made it really hard not being able to go to the shops and buy clothes for my teens (16/17) Only the supermarket was open. We had to stay with friends that were happy to take in a ....Read More

Brenden Clarson lost 114 kg

after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I had the surgery on the Black Friday, 13/08/21. My live changed for the better, been 215kg sucked! I was admitted into hospital with a ulcerated varicose vein and had to have surgery to fix it. After the surgery I was told my life was at risk or I could lose my leg unless I lost weight. I was introduced to Dr Siva a few days after surgery and we began discussing my options. After dropping 30kg I was ready for my surgery. I used the procedure as a tool to aid my weight loss. Signed up for per....Read More

Scott lost 87 kg

after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It was Christmas 2020 I weighed 194kg my sister took a photo of me eating a lamb leg roast and I didn't like what I saw. I knew I was big but that was the most unflattering photo I've ever had. I decided I'm 25 I can't weigh this much. I looked at my brother and said let's get the surgery. We had sort of mentioned it before but this time it was serious. The next week we consulted our gp and got referred to Dr siva. The next week we had our appointment and surgery was set for the next month. I....Read More

Bianca lost 100 kg

after Gastric Bypass Surgery

I have always struggled with my weight since I was a child. I grew up being constantly compared to my twin sister who didn’t have the same weight issues as me. I would always try and make myself be invisible in social situations and not draw attention to my weight by always making sure I was well dressed and always do anything and everything to people please those around me to make them like me despite my weight. My eating habits pre surgery were sporadic, I would not eat all day and then e....Read More


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