Gabrielle lost 28 kg

after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • ProcedureGastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Weight lost 28 kg
  • Surgeon Siva Gounder

My moment of truth came when I stepped onto the scale weighing 117kgs. I’d always battled with my weight starting in early my early childhood. It was after my parents got a divorce. I ate because it made me feel better about things as I was a very sad and lonely child growing up. Food provided Me with the comfort i needed to deal with traumatic circumstances. No diet or exercise plan would ever work for me I failed at every attempt to diet which made me want to eat even more and so my whole life has been this roller-coaster of self loathing, and little confidence in myself which was detrimental to my marriage. I Ku I felt helpless and defeated because I could never control how much I was eating. I was severely bullied through primary school because I was overweight. And that stays with you for life.
The gastric sleeve had so much h success having friends and family members have the procedure I started looking into it and within a few months of reading people’s testimonies on group pages I started the journey myself last year. I was sleeved in November 2021 tragically, only 4 weeks after the passing of my eldest child. I stuck with it and was determined to still do this for myself and I have been pushing through my grief everyday some days are really tough but I’m so glad I persevered. I am proud to say I’m 9 months post op, and 28kgs lighter. It has saved my life God only knows how big I’d be now had I not continued to go ahead with the surgery because it stopped me from being able. to eat my feelings any longer. It truly has been my saving grace.


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